Winter Tyres in Wrexham

Last winter Top Gear Winter Tyres Wrexham helped more motorists stay safe on the road with winter tyres than anyone else. This year we have ordered even more and are determined to do all we can to help customers from Wrexham keep moving through the winter. Winter Tyres Wrexham have a special low temperature tread compound and should be fitted to cars when used below 7 degrees centigrade. Winter Tyres Wrexham tread blocks have wavey cuts in them which allow the tread block to deform and put-up an number of attacking edges to the road thus increasing grip and drastically reducing braking distance in snow and icy conditions.

Winter Tyres Wrexham features: Exceptional grip at low temperatures, Improved surface contact, Superb cornering even in snow, Advanced snow handling, Reduced aqua planing risk, Superb water displacement

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